Work In Progress

(2005, Several Bleeds Records)

  • Comalys
  • Alone Or Pretending
  • Visons Collapse
  • Washed Out
  • Further Collapse
  • Excitement Of The Senses
  • Push The Square
  • Taste Of Unfinished
  • Head-On Crash
  • Now We Blow
  • Elite

Mixed & Recorded February-June 2005 @ Home
Artwork by Gregory Hoepffner

We always thought of this record as our "3rd demo". But since Several Bleeds was kind enough to give a shot at doing a national release in January 2007, it became a "first album". We were 18 years old when when we wrote these songs, so I guess you can call it "post-teenage angst". However, it features the funniest tune we've ever recorded ("Now we blow") ; probably the only tune off the album I can still enjoy to these days...

We shot our first music video for "Visions Collapse" in august 2005, with the help of Vincent Baudron and Jean-Philippe Prissette. It's featured on the Enhanced CD (along with some terrible - no, seriously - live recordings), but you won't see it online anymore : it looks fine, considering the non-budget behind it, but it mostly feels as a geeky attempt at creating a cliché "MTVesque" music video.