Architects Of Yesterday


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  • Siberian Winter
  • Air Leaks
  • Vacant Before
  • Parallel Notebooks
  • Architects Of Yesterday
  • Funeral
  • Picture Goodbye

Mixed, Recorded @ Mastered April-November 2010 @ Feels Like Home Studio
Artwork by Gregory Hoepffner

This is the last Radius System LP, and it's the been the hardest to complete. The original version was first recorded in late 2008. It featured the songs "Far From Truth" and "Present Perfect", that finally ended on the "Almost Nothing" EP. It also had a different name ("The End Of Nothing"), and the songs were arrangement quite differently.

We decided to trash this first version and rethink the songs from the core, really focus on the songwritting. As the live band was stopped at that time, we tried to forget about the whole "rock band" concept and make songs that we wouldn't be able to play live anyway. It lead to multiple drumkits, piano arrangements, dozens of vocal layers and other experimentations that weren't allowed before.

In the end, Axel didn't play on this album because I started to make everything a little too personnal. So this is basically my first solo album, even though I always did most of the stuff in Radius System. Vocals were the biggest challenge for me on this recording, because I always knew they were the weakest point in our previous albums. I hope it's not the case anymore...